Credit Card “Interest-free Cash Installment Plan” Repayment Calculator

Credit Card “Interest-free Cash Installment Plan” Repayment Calculator

Please provide the following information to calculate the Monthly Repayment Amount and generate the example of Repayment Schedule:


  1. Total handling fee of Fubon Credit Card “Interest-free Cash Installment Plan” (“This Installment Plan”) is calculated based on the sum of Monthly Handling Fee (if applicable) plus One-off Administration Fee. Monthly Handling Fee and One-off Administration Fee are formed by certain percentage of the Installment Loan Amount.
  2. Monthly Installment Amount consists of monthly principal repayment and monthly handling fee. The Bank adopted the “Reducing Balance Method” to breakdown the principal and handling fee in the monthly repayment of this installment plan. This method allows the repayment proportion of handling fee higher during the beginning of the repayment while the repayment proportion of principal will be higher during the end of repayment. Please refer to the above repayment schedule sample.
  3. Regarding individual cardholders' One-off Administration Fee, Monthly Handling Fee and annualized percentage rate (APR) of This Installment Plan. Please call Fubon Bank Integrated Customer Service Hotline 2566 8181 (press 4 > 1 after language selection) for enquiry.
  4. The above repayment schedule sample is for reference only. The monthly instalment to settle the principal and handling fee amount of the loan is subject to reducing balance method at the Bank’s sole discretion. The actual allocation of principal and handling fee may be slightly different.
  5. The monthly instalment amount, principal, monthly handling fee and outstanding balance are rounded up to 2 decimal places for presentation and may be slightly different with the actual amount.
  6. The above information is for reference only. No warranty or representation is given by the Bank as to its accuracy, completeness and/or fitness for a particular purpose. To apply this installment plan, please refer to the relevant Terms and Conditions and is subject to the Bank's approval.

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