Fubon Credit Card Merchant Interest-free Installment Plan

Fubon Credit Card Merchant Interest-free Installment Plan

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Fubon Credit Card continues to bring you year-round fabulous benefits. Use your Fubon Credit Card at the following designated merchants to make interest-free installment purchase*, you can enjoy the interest-free installment loan repayment period as long as 24 months & the 1st installment can be extended up to 87 days. Shopping is really enjoyable!

* The minimum amount for interest-free installment loan plan and the repayment tenors offered to cardholders vary for each merchant. Please contact respective merchants for details.

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Please call Fubon Bank Integrated Customer Service Hotline at 2566 8181 for details.

To borrow or not to borrow? Borrow only if you can repay!

Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions of the "Interest-free Installment Loan Plan":

Customers need to purchase products/services from the designated merchants ("Merchant") and settle the payment by Fubon Credit Cards ("Credit Cards") which are issued by Fubon Bank ("the Bank") in order to be eligible to the Interest-free Installment Loan Plan (the "Loan Plan").
Once an application for the Loan Plan is made and approved, Customers cannot amend or cancel the application and deem to agree to be bound and abide by the relevant terms and conditions.
The Bank reserves all the rights in relation to the approval of the application of the Customers. If the application is unsuccessful, the Bank is not required to provide explanation and return the application information and documents to the Customers.
The Loan Plan is only applicable to cardholders (the "Customers") of Credit Cards issued by the Bank.
Once the Loan Plan Application is approved, any refund or stop payment arrangement will not be accepted and the available credit limit of the Credit Card Account maintained by the Cardholder will be withheld to the extent of the Loan Amount (as defined below). While each of the Monthly Installment Amount being debited to the Credit Card Account are timely settled by the Cardholder, an amount equal to the Monthly Installment Amount so settled will be released from the credit limit as withheld.
Customers authorize the Bank to make full payment of the total amount ("Loan Amount") to the Merchant on his/her/their behalf even though the products/services may be delivered at a later date and debit the required monthly payment amount from their respective Credit Card Accounts (from time to time). The total amount advanced by the Bank will become an interest-free loan (without prejudice to clause 8 and 12) repayable by the Customers via such number of monthly installments each with such amount as prescribed by the Bank. All monthly installment payments are irrevocable and the details thereof cannot be altered by the Customers notwithstanding any dispute between the Customers and the Merchant and regardless of whether the Merchant has ceased business/closed down or whether the goods/services are delivered or not, until all the outstanding under the Loan Plan has been paid up.
The products/services and its warranty are provided by the Merchant and the relevant suppliers. The Bank is not the supplier of the products/services. The Bank is only responsible for arranging payment facilities via the Loan Plan and disclaim any liability or duty relating to the product(s)/ service(s) sold or provided and any direct or indirect loss incidental to the products/services. The Merchant and its related supplier will be solely responsible for all obligations and liabilities relating to the supply, sale, delivery, installation, warranty, other common law or statutory provisions of the product(s)/service(s) and the ancillary services, if any. The Loan Plan is not protected by any credit card chargeback provisions under any circumstances and is not entitled to any refund or stop payment arrangement.
In case there is no available or insufficient credit limit in the Account to meet the installment due or where any minimum payment due under the Account is not paid pursuant to the Credit Cards Cardholder Agreement (the "Agreement") or where the Account is terminated for whatever reason (whether by the Customers or the Bank), the Bank is authorized to automatically and without notice debit the entire amount of the loan or the balance thereof from the Account. The Customers shall repay the loan and other amount due including any financial charge in the Accounts according to the terms of the Agreement.
Customers authorize the Bank to disclose his/her/their personal data to the Merchant for the purpose of the Loan Plan Application.
For early repayment of all outstanding installment payment(s) or any part hereof, the Bank shall be entitled to charge a handling fee of HK$500 each time.
In the event of cancellation/termination of the Credit Cards for whatever reasons, Customers shall forthwith upon such cancellation/termination pay up all the outstanding under the Loan Plan and a handling fee of HK$500.
The Bank has the right at its sole discretion at any time to:
- charge a default interest at such rate as the Bank may determine from time to time in case of any default of repayment;
- employ collection agency to collect all outstanding payments hereunder or any part thereof should Customers fail to timely pay up the same upon request. In such event, the Customers shall be responsible for all related costs;
- consolidate and set off the outstanding payments under the Account with all credit balances under other account(s) held at the Bank (including all deposit accounts) by the Customers;
- terminate the Loan Plan and recover all outstanding balances under the Account (including interests and all expenses incurred relating thereto) with written notice without the need for further explanation; and
- take all legal or other appropriate actions to execute the above terms and conditions and all costs so incurred (including legal costs) shall be borne by the Customers on a fully indemnity basis.
The Bank and Customers do not intend that any terms and conditions of the Loan Plan should be enforceable by virtue of the Contracts (Right of Third Paties) Ordinance by any person other than the Bank and Customers.
The Bank reserves the right to suspend, vary or cancel the Loan Plan and amend the relevant terms and conditions at any time without prior notice. In case of disputes, the decision of the Bank shall be final and conclusive.


Should there be any inconsistency between the English and Chinese versions, the English version shall prevail.
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